Persian Cuisine: Abdough-Khiar

Abdoogh Khiar (Ab: water, Doogh: yogurt drink, Khiar: Cucumber) or cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup has been part of iranian culture from the ancient Persian era.

Uzairu Badamasi

Mustapha Gadon Kaya

Fadar Bege

Uzairu Badamasi

Mustapha Gadon kaya

Fadar Bege

Nima Golzari

Morteza Falahati

Mohsen Jalil Azad

Mohammad Dastmozadi

World’s first hotel made of palm tree logs

Located in Qaleh Ganj county of Kerman Province, the first 4-star hotel of Iran as well as the world is made of palm tree logs. Tourists who travel to the province can enjoy lodging at the new hotel dubbed ‘Kapar’ (local for thatched shelters). This traditional hotel is famous for special architecture with six rooms in each corridor accommodating a total of sixty people.

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