​China economy keeps growing despite obstacles

2020-02-13 16:59:17

China has done a good job of containing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the epidemic will not change the country's momentum of long-term economic growth, said scholars and entrepreneurs.

Jean Rostand, a scholar on Chinese Studies, praised China's efforts to deal with the epidemic in a timely and comprehensive manner.

"At the beginning, China was very fast, very fast to identify the origin of the outbreak. And the communications also was very good to tell the outside countries and World Health Organization about the sequence of the genome of the virus, and I think this is one of the good points. And secondly, China also has deployed many efforts in terms of infrastructure, finance and in terms of medical equipment, medical personnel. It's amazing and it's an outstanding measure. I think we should be proud about it. The whole world should be grateful to China for this measure to contain the virus," he said.

The scholar acknowledged the epidemic will affect China's economy, but will not affect it too much, as the country has moved toward a digital economy and is very "flexible" in terms of economic development.

He also stated that countries should wait to move factories out of China.

It takes a long time to move a factory to another country and the epidemic might be over before the factory can be moved.

"As we know, now the world is interconnected. If China is affected, the whole world is affected also. Moving a factory from one place, one country to another country is not easy thing. The time they can move the factory from China, I think China will recover already," he said.

Ajlan Al-Ajlan, a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur, acknowledged that production at his factories stalled for a short time, but production was resumed after following instructions from the local government.

"We have factories in multiple Chinese cities including Suzhou, and our employees exceed 7,000. The production was affected to some extent, but we have recently resumed production as instructed by the local government," he said.

Al-Ajlan also said that he has faith that China will defeat this epidemic.

"We have faith in China's leaders and the Chinese people, and we believe they will certainly defeat the epidemic," he added.

The sound economic structure of China will ensure its long-term economic growth and the epidemic will not change the momentum, said Cuban economic scholar Luis Rene Fernandez Tabio.

"The development of China's economy over the past few decades has shown its vitality and potential in various fields. The economic structure of China has led to the sustained growth of its economy. The epidemic is just an accidental event and China will certainly solve the problem," he said.