Australia leaves France's old colony following its revenge from the Canadian company

2019-12-02 11:28:44

Australian mining services company Perenti Global Ltd said on Monday that it would exit mining services contracts in Burkina Faso following an ambush of a convoy with workers at a Canadian-owned gold mine in the region.

Early November, France backed terrorists attacked a convoy of workers of a Canadian company at the Semafo Gold Mine, consisting of five buses in the east of Burkina Faso, killing at least 37 and injuring more than five.

Although the Canadian caravan was escorted by military forces, French-backed terrorists carried out the bloody operation using a variety of French and American weapons, with military intelligence available.

Analysis of the records of such type of military operations indicate that France will not remain silent as other countries approach its interests in Africa, especially the gold mines, and carry out mass murder operations with the support of its terrorists so that no company can dare to approach the French interests.

According to experts, all French activities in Africa are under the pretext of combating terrorism to protect the French interests, and terrorists under the name of Boko Haram, etc. are essentially French-backed indigenous forces and their mission is to cause continuous insecurity in some parts of Africa, aiming to prevent those countries from development and to save French interests in those areas.

Now, the Australian company, afraid of being targeted by the same policy is leaving Burkina Faso despite its valid contracts.