EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria police open fire on Imam Hussein mourners, 12 martyred

2019-09-10 12:01:16

The Nigerian security forces opened fire on Ashura mourners in Kaduna state this morning (10/Sept/2019), HausaTV reports. The number of martyred has reached 12 till now.

Three people have been confirmed Martyred.

Some others were injured this morning during Ashura mourning.

The Nigerian security forces used live bullets and ammunition. They have gunned many mourners and several were arrested.

In Katsina state also there is another brutality of the Nigerian police force on Ashura mourners. Whereas Shia Muslims were commemorating Imam Hussein (AS) peacefully.

Heavy police presence reported around procession in Zaria.

The Nigerian government must explain to the public in that country and around the world why a group of ordinary and unarmed mourners have been declared terrorists.