Nigeria confirms killing of 9 key Boko Haram propagandists

2019-06-10 23:00:09

The Nigerian army has confirmed that it has halted the propaganda machinery of terror group Boko Haram, with the recent killing of nine key Boko Haram propagandists.

In a statement on Monday, the army did not disclose where and when the operation leading to the deaths of the "social media personalities" occurred.

The statement, issued by the army spokesman, Sagir Musa, however, said: "the annihilation of members of the Boko Haram media team further confirmed that the Nigerian Army has decimated the group and they no longer have freedom of action."

The Takfiri Boko Haram group, which launched attacks in Nigeria's northeast a decade ago, is also known for its online media propaganda at the same time amid quest to maintain a virtual caliphate.

The group launched its media strategy starting with a very traditional media approach through propaganda films mostly aimed at recruiting new fighters.

In 2014, Boko Haram changed its strategy into effective use of social media platforms, creating multiple accounts to strengthen its outreach and using videos and photos to drive home its agenda.