​France stranded in endless strikes

2020-01-14 17:26:06

Thousands of Dockers and harbor workers march towards Marseille's old port during a rally against pension reform.

Although port and dock workers do not have a specific regime, a hardship agreement enables them to leave two or three years before the legal retirement age.

In Marseille, several thousand people marched on Tuesday in Marseille, determined to get the pension reform project withdrawn: Railway workers, dockers, energy workers, teachers and local government officials.

The procession, left from the Old Port and which made a loop to finish its race in front of the town hall, gathered some 5,550 people according to the police, and 35,000 according to the CGT.

"We are determined not to let go. They must abandon their bad project!", Exclaimed AFP Renaud Henri, secretary general of the CGT energy Marseille. "The government wants to show that it is tough, but we too are tough, we have no choice but to go all the way," he added.

"The government's strategy is not a surprise. You have to know how to stop a reform project that is largely unpopular," added Rémi Hours, head of the CGT railway workers, ensuring that his union was determined to continue the fight by "targeting days of action, while maintaining minimum pressure at all times. "

"The government has still not convinced, and that is why we are continuing," said Laurent Tramoni, head of SNES FSU in Marseille.

"Reform of the high school, hospitals, SNCF ... the attacks are multiple, and pensions is what makes us all stick together. We feel united," she added.

In Nice, a demonstration also gathered from 1,600 people, according to the prefecture, to 7,000, according to the CGT.