Nigeria’s First Lady worried about govt. violent acts spread through social media

2019-12-02 13:28:09

Nigeria's First Lady, Hajiya Aisha Buhari has called for the regulation of social media as it is done in China.

Almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are not accessible in China and instead they have their own national platforms.

Aisha Buhari also berated state governors for failing to provide basic social amenities and infrastructure.

She said that things were getting out of hand, saying that her husband alone cannot handle the challenges facing the nation and admonished the political leaders to work together to bail the country of out of the challenges.

She spoke on Friday at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) General Assembly and National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at the National Mosque Abuja, with the theme, "Islam and National Development".

She said, "On this issue of social media, you cannot just sit in the comfort of your house and tweet that the Vice President has resigned. It is a serious issue. If China can control over 1.3bn people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180m people."
Nigerian government has been numerously criticized by human rights activists around the world specially for the repression and killing of Shias, mistreating Muslim Cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and killing his children and relatives, and incarcerating social activists.